How to Write Pages of Research Paper and Stand Out

How to Write Pages of Research Paper and Stand Out

While studying at school, you may relax and enjoy a lot of free time as such homework assignments as English essay do not require much of your time. However, be ready for the hard times in college. Have you ever read pieces of work with many pages written by the distinguished scientists known as a research paper? If you want to develop a paper to protect your own scientific idea with the copyright one day, you should know how to format every page of your research paper correctly. No assignment is given without good reason – this one prepares you to become a world-known scientist or scholar!

Your teachers may assign you a research paper for one of the social, science, or technical classes and even ask you to conduct a SWOT analysis as its part. You can ease the process by focusing on the main research question or problem as well as following the generally accepted structure/format of each page.

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Please keep in mind that the process of creating a research paper includes four steps. They are:

  1. Selecting a topic or question
  2. Conducting a study
  3. Preparing an outline/plan
  4. Writing itself

Expect for avoiding procrastination; a student has to be really careful with plagiarism and grammar mistakes in English. To prevent your English text from possible errors, you may use various checking software to scan every page.

Picking Paper’s Topic

The first thing you need to do before doing your research and writing a paper is deciding on the topic or research problem. You must choose the topic name which is not reserved by another famous author to avoid problems with copyright. If you think about printing your work in the future, it is better to select the topic which is relevant to your community. Besides, it has to be based on the recently published resources.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing the topic:

  1. Is there enough available and recently published information?
  2. Is the topic original enough to come up with new points and ideas?
  3. Is it related to my class or future career?

Show the topic to your teacher. Start working on the first page only after your teacher’s acceptance.

Look back to What You Like

Think about any example of what you like and how it is related to your topic. For example, you may choose video games industry for your business research paper or Information Technologies paper.

In the first case, you may conduct a marketing research trying to discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of this industry. In the second case, you might be interested in researching several types of games and their genres to offer your own innovation in this area.

Don’t Be in the Line!

It means that you have stand out from the rest of the students or doctoral candidates. Think about what people are likely to write. The best topics are usually reserved, so you should make a page with the list of your personal ideas. Talk to other students trying to find out what they have chosen. Pick something no one was thinking about.

Consult Writing Centers and Guidelines

The first place you should visit is an official Purdue Online Writing Lab website. It is a writing centre where every student can find educational resources and guidelines on every existing research paper format. Format your pages following those guidelines.

Process of Research

The best place to collect relevant information today is, no doubt, the internet. You may consult published sources as well. Always look at the date – the sources should not be older than 5-10 years. Be careful with the rights reserved and copyrights: take notes of the sources to create a list of bibliography on the last page.

As your primary sources, you may use published editions or information from sources in printing:

  • Textbooks and books
  • Academic journals
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Films
  • Etc.

You should have permission to use your library. To get permission, you should not owe any books to a library. You must be an official student as well.

It is better to start your research upon the topic acceptance as it may be the most time-consuming part of your research paper.

Have a Permission to Use Examples

You need to have a good example of research paper pages in front of you to absorb information from its pages. Please feel free to use the entire database of excellent essays and research papers offered by the professional academic writers and tutors. You don’t need any special permission to view the pages of these research papers. However, as far as each page is protected by copyright, you cannot copy-paste them. Your teacher demands a fully unique work.

Type Annotated Bibliography Page

Unlike in many other cases, you must type your References Page before you write an introduction. Make sure to take notes for every source you cite. It will be immediately reflected on the Works Cited Page.

The order of elements on the Bibliography Page usually looks this way:

Last Name, First Name (only the first letter). (Date/Year). Full Name of the Cited Source. City of Publication: Published by/Publisher. Specific Issue Number (if known). Pages That Were Cited.


Roosevelt, T. (1899). The Rough Riders. New York: Modern Library, 1st ed., pp.


It was an example of APA writing style. Here is how you should include references on the Works Cited Page (MLA style):

Steinbeck, John. “Of Mice and Men.” Paperback, Steinbeck Centennial Edition, 2002,

          pp. 3-112.

Define Your Reading Audience

You have to recognise who your audience is. Which information do you plan to give and why? Without having a clear goal, you won’t organise your research paper correctly. Besides, what will fit students who study business won’t necessarily fit those interested in science. You should notice how students of your class react to different topics.

Name your goal in the introduction paragraph on the first page to let the reader know what your topic and main question is. Provide the list of answers throughout the research paper.

We won’t discuss the structure in this article, but you can find a lot of resources online.

Revise the Paper at Least Twice

Once you’re done with the entire writing (make sure you followed the structure and included all format elements), you just have to proofread and edit your text. We have already named the tools for checking your work.

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