Narrative Essay - Writing Details for Students

Narrative Essay - Writing Details for Students
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  1. Narrative Essay - Writing Details for Students
  2. The Format of a Narrative Essay
  3. How to Structure Your Essay Properly
  4. Making a Narrative Essay in 4 Easy Steps
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Writing a narrative essay requires many things, such as good skills in creating an interesting text, enough time to make a successful essay, and ability to concentrate on writing and get inspiration just when you need to sit and write an essay. Nobody says it's easy, but you definitely can complete the essay with our tips! Go ahead and read this useful article about writing a successful narrative essay to make readers impressed. Of course, creating a narrative essay is different from scholarship, expository, or cause and effect essays.

Feel stuck with writing job and lost ideas on making a great narrative essay? First of all, let's remember a definition of a narrative essay. It's a simple story the writer reports to people. You can make an essay about a personal experience, relationship, some memories, etc. Such creative essays allow the writer to make an interesting narrative story that reports something. The main purpose of this essay is to describe or report something. Narrating of facts without purpose won't make a narrative essay look like a story, but it'll be just a pile of things without any clear point. That's why your essay should have a point, and you must understand what's the goal of creating your story.

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The Format of a Narrative Essay

Keep in your memory the narrative essay writing should be based on the following principles:

  • Usually, the narrative essay is written from the author's point of view;
  • The narrative essay should be written from the first person, so it's totally OK to use “I” pronoun, but you need to be careful to not overuse it;
  • If it is necessary, the narrative essay may be written from the third person;
  • An author should use concise and clear language that reports all things, events, or feelings precisely;
  • An author must be concentrated on the essay, but it's quite important to describe small details to make people feel the entire story, but not just read or listen to it without any deep emotions;
  • Use vivid verbs to make your narrative story “live” and to let readers just to jump into it and feel everything like they are going to the point through all acting you're describing in the essay;
  • Like any other story, the narrative essay must have all the needed conventions. These are: a plot with setting and characters, also - a climax, and the end of the essay;
  • Try to guide your reader without leaving them guessing about the purpose of the essay. You need to be sure your future audience will follow your lead.

How to Structure Your Essay Properly

In our article, we have gathered useful tips on making a strong narrative essay, and now let's see on the paper's structure. You have to organize the essay properly. Look at our essay structure scheme:

1. Introduction part:

  • Start an essay with an interesting hook to grab people's attention (feel free to include a question, quote, definition, or interesting fact).
  • Explain to readers about the main characters of the story, where it takes place, how everything happened, etc.
  • put your essay thesis statement (the main point of your text) at the end of the essay introduction.

2. Body part:

  • Don't just tell, but show the story to the audience; add details and describe even small details to get people impressed.
  • Prove a thesis statement of the essay with strong evidence.
  • Write chronologically and explain to readers what happened.
  • Make sure all paragraphs of this part are connected between each other.

3. Conclusion:

  • finish your essay logically;
  • explain what you learned through the experience of the essay and how it affected or changed your life.

Making a Narrative Essay in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a narrative essay requires a clear understanding of this process. Follow these steps and create your piece according to the main conventions:

1. Essay prewriting stage. It's a point that includes sitting and thinking about an interesting subject for the future essay. Write about a situation from your own personal life experience that touched you emotionally. It may be achieving an important goal or helping someone in trouble. Your essay will be more interesting for readers if you're connected emotionally to the subject.

When you've chosen an essay topic, you must spend some time with recollecting details because such details as people around, setting, weather, year, and other objects are quite important to create a bright story. We suggest making an outline for the future essay to report all ideas correctly.

2. Essay drafting stage. On this point, you need to follow the essay outline and consider these points:

  • Make your narrative essay from the first person.
  • Describe in the essay even small details to give your audience a clear understanding of the story, your feelings, emotions, point of view, etc.
  • Don't just inform your audience about something that happened, but get them involved in your personal story with descriptions. Make people feel like they're reading a good book from a successful writer.

3. Essay revising stage. This point includes reviewing the finished essay and reorganizing or modifying it to make it look and sound better like a novel or a book. Reread your essay and think if it has enough details and if your essay reports things and involves the audience in the plot of your personal story.

4. Essay editing stage. It's quite important to proofread a narrative essay to make it look professional. A great idea is to ask your close friend to read an essay. A fresh view can help in correcting mistakes. Feel free to use various online software to check the essay. We suggest reading your narrative essay slowly several times to avoid misprints and logical mistakes.

Qualified and Fast Assistance

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