An Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Opinion Essay: Structure, Outline, Topics, Tips

An Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Opinion Essay: Structure, Outline, Topics, Tips
Table of Contents
  1. An Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Opinion Essay: Structure, Outline, Topics, Tips
  2. What is an opinion essay
  3. Opinion essay outline
  4. I Introduction
  5. II First main body paragraph
  6. III Second main body paragraph
  7. IV Third main body paragraph
  8. V Conclusion
  9. How to write a catchy title for your essay
  10. How to write an opinion essay
  11. Prewriting
  12. Drafting
  13. Writing
  14. How to start an opinion essay
  15. Main body
  16. How to conclude an opinion essay
  17. Editing and proofreading
  18. Great topics for an opinion essay
  19. Can I use the pronoun "I" in an opinion essay?
  20. Opinion essay examples
  21. Opinion essay example 1
  22. Opinion essay example 2
  23. Tips for your A+ opinion essay
  24. Do
  25. Don't
  26. Need help with opinion essay writing?

Some students find writing an opinion essay an easy task, while others face numerous challenges during the writing process. If you belong to the second category , you can access a detailed guide on how to write an opinion paper and succeed in essay writing (also movie review essay example). This guide is devoted to identifying the meaning of the essay type, essay structure, essay format, essay examples, and useful examples of the controversial topics. 

  What is an opinion essay

The opinion essay type refers is the formal writing which presupposes the writer to present their opinion on a given topic. Every guide on how write an opinion paper underlines that writer's opinion should be stated clearly. Throughout the comparative-essay simply viewpoints on the particular topic took a central place. Every argument, reason, or opinion should be supported by evidence or clear examples.

Opinion essay outline 

If you are asked to write a basic five-paragraph opinion essay, you should first create a detailed outline to ease your writing process and to organize your thoughts. Have a look at the basic outline structure to create a similar one related to your topic. 

Basic five-paragraph essay outline example:

I Introduction

  • Paraphrase your research question
  • Provide your opinion
  • Two supporting reasons
  • Thesis statement

II First main body paragraph 

  •     Topic sentence with the 1st reason for supporting your view
  •     Explain the idea
  •     Give an example

III Second main body paragraph 

  • Topic sentence with the 2nd reason for supporting your view
  • Explain the idea
  • Give an example

IV Third main body paragraph 

  • Topic sentence with the 3rd reason for supporting your view
  • Explain the idea
  • Give an example

V Conclusion

  • Summarise the three opinions and key reasons
  • Restate thesis statement

How to write a catchy title for your essay 

Coming up with a compelling title for an opinion essay can end up being the most challenging part of your argumentative essay writing. A catchy topic serves as a strong force making the paper stand out from the mass. As a result, a perfect paper topic gives every reader a sense of your argumentative essay's content, slant, and prospect. To brainstorm a strong opinion essay topic, you need to concentrate on such elements of a standard title as:

  • the hook
  • the key terms
  • the source/location.

Hence, it will be useful to follow such useful tips for writing a catchy title for your argumentative essay as:

  • make sure you understand the title structure (you may use a hook to create a topic, which can be a collection of keywords, a play on words, or a quote from the argumentative essay
  • choose key terms and minimize the list to two-three options
  • cite the prime source/ location
  • consider the tone of your argumentative essay.

How to write an opinion essay 

To write a perfect opinion paper, students google numerous writing guides on "how write opinion paper" or "how write opinion essay" and try to follow all the writing steps as it is mentioned in the article. However, there are just three core moments that every student should remember in order to succeed in argumentative essay writing. They are as follows:

  1. State an opinion
  2. Give arguments for both points /sides of view
  3. Support your central idea with quality arguments.

Taking a closer look at the opinion essay writing process, our experts outlined the core tips regarding the prewriting phase, essay drafting, and final proofreading.


Prewriting phase is very important in getting the best final contents as it consists of choosing the essay topic, which matters really a lot. As far as choosing a weak topic, you won't be able to provide credible arguments and evidence. Here are prime structural options to follow:

  • brainstorm a quality topic,
  • outline keywords,
  • search credible sources,
  • create a detailed outline.


After writing a detailed outline, you may start working on the rough draft of your opinion paper. The drafting phase consists of:

  • develop a more cohesive text following the outline
  • organizes your thoughts
  • format the paper according to the standards

word opinion


How to start an opinion essay 

Each opinion paper starts with a clear introduction. A good introduction should follow a three-part introduction structure, like:

1) Paraphrased research question

2) Thesis statement

3) Outline ideas

 Main body

The structure of the proper academic main body paragraph is as follows:

  • Topic sentence
  • Explanation
  • Evidence/Example

How to conclude an opinion essay

Conclusions to academic argumentative essays aim to:

  • Summarise the core points/findings
  • State the central opinion

Editing and proofreading 

Editing and proofreading is the finishing stage of each opinion essay writing. To make sure your essay follows all the instructions, try to omit skipping this phase. For getting a high grade for your opinion paper, try to find the best editing and proofreading tips fitting you the most among the list of the lifehacks prepared by our academic experts. 

  • Proofread backward
  • Use a ruler under each line while reading
  • Check the existence of any most typical mistakes for you
  • Proofread for just one error type at a time
  • Make breaks between essay writing and its proofreading.
  • Choose the most alert time of day to spot more errors
  • Proofread aloud.

 Great topics for an opinion essay 

In case you don’t know what to write about, we have created a list of interesting topics for your inspiration:

  1. Do organizations promote misogyny on college campuses?
  2. Do people have to get any lengthy jail verdicts for non-violent crimes like drug possession?
  3. Can birth control access help in preventing teen pregnancies?
  4. Can the term "whitewash" be referred to the Hollywood movies?
  5. Should graffiti be considered as an art?
  6. Mandatory physical education in high school, good or bad?
  7. Graffiti is identified as a form of creative expression, so it is worthy of having a second look.
  8. Education is considered to be a human right.
  9. Sexual education should be involved in school programs.
  10. Colleges and universities should be free.
  11. Free public transportation for city residents will decrease the carbon footprint.
  12. Coke, Pepsi, and any other sweet drink should be prohibited in school.
  13. School dress codes are biased against girls rights.
  14. Dress codes at high schools are sexist.
  15. Traveling benefits just young people. 
  16. The older generation should travel for free.
  17. Social media distracts people from their real-life interactions. 
  18. Social media is damaging to the modern generation. 
  19. Soft drinks provoke obesity problems. 
  20.  Soft drinks should be restricted in the USA.

Can I use the pronoun "I" in an opinion essay?

In addition to the use of concrete examples or evidence, writers always desire to keep the tone of their argumentative essay passionate and impersonal at the same time. Although an opinion essay requires writing arguments from a single opinion, students should omit using the first person language in order to present their claims.

Opinion essay examples 

For a better understanding, check the examples of completed opinion essay.

Opinion essay example 1

Opinion essay about video games.


Opinion essay example 2


Opinion essay about money.


Tips for your A+ opinion essay 


To write a good argumentative essay, you should:


  • brainstorm best argumentative essay ideas
  • state an opinion clearly
  • characterize both sides of the problem
  • provides clear reasons
  • follow essay structure
  • create a concise thesis statement
  •  choose proper vocabulary
  • choose just controversial topics for your argumentative essay
  • follow all essay writing phases
  • proofread the essay several times
  • begin new paragraph with new idea
  • begin new paragraph with proper transition


    Need help with opinion essay writing? 

    Opinion essays are similar to the other essay types, especially concerning their structure. The core difference in writing a proper argumentative essay is in choosing really good persuasive essay topics and involve paragraph supporting argument. If you hesitate whether you are good at writing an A+ grade argumentative essay, you are always welcome to get academic assistance from our academic experts, who spent years to become gurus of opinion essay writing. Once, you've some questions left after reading our detailed guide on how write an opinion essay, check our online academic assistance service, and find answers to every question emerging in your mind.

      • use personal pronouns
      • loose ideas
      • use the weak transition between the paragraphs
      • skip proofreading
      • paraphrase the introduction into conclusion.