Persuasive Essay - Writing Guide for Students

Persuasive Essay - Writing Guide for Students
Table of Contents
  1. Persuasive Essay - Writing Guide for Students
  2. 4 Tips to Compose Your Persuasive Essay
  3. Persuasive Essay Format
  4. Successful Hints for Writing a Persuasive Essay
  5. Writing a Persuasive Essay: Professional Assistance

Writing a persuasive paper isn't an easy task for a student. In our detailed guide, you can find useful hints to make your life easier. The main purpose of the paper is to persuade the reader to take a certain action or accept the opinion, unlike opinion essay, where you just express your viewpoint. A good writer must support all arguments of their essay with evidence like quotes, facts from reliable sources, supportive examples. In other words, you must select a topic and then pick a certain opinion about the subject, and then persuade a reader to adopt the idea too.

Needless to say, you must understand clearly the purpose of writing an essay and see all possible methods on how to convince the audience to agree. Some people say making this type of paper feels arguing like a lawyer in a court. Disregarding of your major any cool essay requires a good understanding of the topic, deep research, and explaining why the author's opinion is correct and why another opinion is incorrect. Of course, when you haven't got enough time for making a good essay, it's faster to ask us "do my essay" and get a perfect paper written by excellent penmen.

4 Tips to Compose Your Persuasive Essay

Here are several useful tips before you start writing:

  • Know your audience

Before you start your essay, you need to know the topic you want to discuss, your stance on the subject and the audience you want to persuade. You need to understand not everybody is going to side on your point of view at first. The goal of this essay is to persuade them into supporting the view you'll present. Understanding the stance they are coming from is key to doing so.

  • Write a detailed plan

Creating an essay detailed plan will be key to presenting your argument. You must start by planning the point you actually want to write about. You must decide what arguments and statistics you are going to use in order to make your arguments legitimate, this leads on to the research phase.

  • Research

Extensive research is going to be crucial to your argument. You’re going to need to gather a range of facts and figures to present your argument. You can get it from a range of sources. Although remember, not all sources (such as websites) may not always be credible as they can be written by anyone. Try to use sources people can’t dispute, such as official statistics or journals from people that specialize in the particular field you’re writing about.

  • Support your argument

It may seem silly, but make sure you use evidence that completely supports the argument you’re trying to present in the essay. It’s easy when researching to come off of topic, using sources that don’t necessarily support your argument. Make sure all of the sources used completely support your opinion, with more credible sources making your argument increase in legitimacy.

Persuasive Essay Format

You should divide your entire paper into three parts:

  1. Introduction. The introduction could be argued as the most important part of your persuasive essay. This part includes a thesis statement - the main idea of the manuscript. Your introduction will decide whether or not somebody will choose to read your work. It should grab the attention of the reader, as well as provide an overview of the subject which you'll discuss and point of view you'll be presenting. Make sure your introduction is clearly aimed at your target audience, as it will help you to attract their attention to the essay.

  2. Body. The body of your persuasive essay will be essential in explaining and supporting your argument. Firstly, explain why you have chosen the perspective you have, it will give people an understanding of your opinion on the subject. After you have done this, write more paragraphs of the essay, each explaining a different argument that supports your opinion. Make sure you use a range of research in these paragraphs to make your argument more legitimate. Lastly, present a view that actually opposes your argument. Once you have done this, explain, using research if possible, why the opinion is incorrect and yours is correct.

  3. Conclusion. Your essay conclusion must sum up your main argument, along with all the points you have made. Remember your essay should have persuaded the reader, your opinion is the correct one, and so, the conclusion must simply summarise and prove why this is the case.

Make sure throughout your essay you take breaks to read over and make sure you’re completely supporting your arguments and your essay flows, there’s nothing worse than a persuasive essay with contradicting views and no legitimate flow.

Successful Hints for Writing a Persuasive Essay

Persuading people in something is not so easy, and sometimes you can feel stuck with writing an essay because it's difficult to prove your argument. There are some methods to incline readers to believe you. Go ahead and read more tips on writing an excellent persuasive essay:

  • Use quotes from people to “press” on readers to consider your opinion on things. It is social proof that can be very effective for a persuasive paper. People pay attention to what other people say, make it your advantage.
  • Repeat the same information several times. It is a simple but useful method to pay the reader's attention to your words. Some psychologists use this trick in their practice, and it is also how the annoying advertisement works.
  • Show people how bad and awful the problem is. Describe it and make an accent on miserable and bad things. Don't write about the possible ways of solving, just state the trouble in the thesis statement. Your main task here is just to face the problem to people and involve them in horrible things, and after it, you'll have to give them a solution connected to your opinion. People would accept it easily.

Writing a Persuasive Essay: Professional Assistance

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